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Flora Integrated Wellness focus on holistic therapies such as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic therapy, infrared sauna, whole body cleanses and more body detoxification treatments. Holistic detoxification therapies are the process of removing chemicals and toxic substances from the body. It helps to purge the body, and reduce risk of many diseases. By removing toxins, the body is able to regain balanced health, strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the skin and boost mental health. With a focus on multiple holistic treatments, Flora Integrated Wellness offers a variety of detoxification treatments, helping target the body’s detoxification outlets, giving relief from constant health struggles and setting the groundwork for rebuilding a healthier lifestyle

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About Flora Integrated Wellness

Focusing on holistic detoxification therapies, to bring balance and health.

Flora is the scientific term for a group of plant or bacteria life also known as mircobiome. It is often contrasted with the term “fauna,” which is used to describe the animal life of the same particular area. In health and medicine, flora is the term used to describe the microorganisms that exist on or within the human body, such as the gut flora of the human body, the term refers to bacteria, yeast, and other fungi.

The gut flora plays a pivotal role in both our health and our vulnerability to disease. Flora is found in the large intestine, and has more than a thousand different types of microbes in your body (microbes make up anywhere from 25% to 54% of your stool). This world of microorganisms is separated internally from your body through a single layer of cells in your large intestine—cells known as epithelial cells.

Gut flora is extremely important in immune system protection and metabolism. For these important functions, there needs to be an optimal preponderance of “friendly” bacteria. Bacteria provides direct protection for the lining of our large intestines, keeping out substances that would be harmful to us. When this system is compromised, a state of increased intestinal permeability may be present. Favorable gut bacteria works with the immune system at the level of the lining of our intestines to fight against disease-causing bacteria or other substances.

Flora plays an important role in providing us with vitamins and other nutrients, essential to our health. It interacts with carbohydrates that were not digested in the small intestine. This interaction provides further nutrients, encourages epithelial cell growth, and modulates fat storage. It is now recognized that a less than optimal composition of gut flora can contribute to health problems, both digestive and non-digestive. The health problems that for now appear to have direct links to an unhealthy balance of the gut flora.

Keeping your stress down, minimizing antibiotic use, and eating a well-rounded nutritious diet all hold the potential for optimizing your gut flora. Although sometimes controversial, colon hydrotherapy can help boost the healthy bacteria by flushing out the bad bacteria. This allows the healthy flora to feed off of the bad bacteria, leaving the the body with a better homeostasis.

Flora Integrated Wellness - Jodi Gilbert

Jodi Gilbert - Owner

Flora Integrated Wellness was founded by Jodi Gilbert, a multi certified therapist in detox modalities. Jodi specializes in colon hydrotherapy, and is a certified Instructor by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) and electro lymphatic drainage (CCI). Knowing that the body is interconnected, Jodi is also a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach (NASM).

Natural healing is more than just a physical journey, which is why Jodi holds space for each of her patients who are navigating their own unique path.